Spend the weekend exploring Clemson University while developing leadership skills and building friendships with other top performing students.


Clemson’s Challenge for Academically Talented Students (C-CATS) recruits outstanding students from SC, NC and GA to participate in high-powered weekend retreats. Through team-building and academic sessions, students gain leadership skills, make lasting friendships, and improve their ability to think clearly and perform under pressure, all while having the time of their lives!

Tour Clemson University

Join current Clemson students for a guided campus tour to see all that the Clemson has to offer, including dining hall, underground recreation center, Science Department, and much more.

Team Building

Using activities to motivate students to work together, collaborate on tasks, and develop their strengths to achieve a common goal.

Science Department Lab; Mystery of the dead Hemlock Tree

*Fall Dates Only

In this lab students will:

  • Use solutes and solvents to create mixtures and solutions
  • Learn techniques to micropipette and measure small quantities of liquids
  • Perform gel electrophoresis to compare DNA from known pests to an unknown tree killer (scientists use this method to separate out parts of a mixture)
  • Discover the interdependent relationships of the hemlock ecosystem


*Spring Dates Only

The students will learn about:

  • Difference between Lunar and Solar Eclipses
  • What an eclipse looks like from space or the ground
  • Constellation history
  • Night sky visibility
  • The moon phases

Bob and Betsy Campbell Natural History Museum

*Spring Dates Only

The students will learn about:

  • Prey and Predator relationship
  • Identifying features that make an animal a prey or Predator
  • Examples of Native animals
  • How native animals fit into our ecosystem

Underground Recreation

Looking for even more fun? Look no further than the on-campus recreation center. From bowling and billiards to ping pong and lounge area, you are sure to find a good time here!