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Preparing for C-CATS

Everything you need to know before sending your child to C-CATS.

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Camp Hannon: 391 Moorefield Memorial Hwy, Sunset, SC 29685

Contact the Program Director

Call Nick Brookins (864) 546-5506.

Arrival and Departure

Arrival: Boys – 5:00 PM, Girls – 5:30 PM, at Camp Hannon (map). Please do not arrive before check in time on the first day as staff will be preparing.

Departure: Boys – 1:00 PM, Girls – 1:30 PM, at Camp Hannon (map). Departure immediately follows the ceremony. Please call if you will be late for pick-up on the last day.

Packing List

  • Sheets/blanket or sleeping bag (twin-size bed)
  • Pillow
  • Towels/washcloths
  • Deodorant
  • Toiletry items
  • Sunscreen
  • Water bottle (please label)
  • Bug spray/lotion
  • Tennis shoes
  • Cash for Clemson shops
  • 2-3 sets of athletic wear
  • Inexpensive camera (optional)

Cell Phone Policy

Cell Phones may not be used at C-CATS.


Students may bring money for souvenirs from Clemson bookstore. No additional funds will be needed during the C-CATS weekend session. YLI is not responsible for lost or stolen money.


Menus for the weekend have been approved by a registered dietician and are designed to provide a balanced and nutritious diet. C-CATS is equipped with a modern kitchen operated by an experienced and well-trained staff. Please let us know if your child has any food allergies or other food related issues. Please do not send food with your child.


The C-CATS program is held at Camp Hannon and on Clemson University campus. Facilities include dorm rooms with bunk beds, bathrooms, and air conditioning, full service dining, and outdoor adventure courses. Our site is inspected by local and state health officials and fire safety personnel.

Participant Behavior

Participants must be able to both function independently and as part of a group. They must be able to comprehend and follow basic instructions, have an understanding of natural hazards (for example, roads, lakes, and heights), and be able to change clothes and use restroom facilities without assistance.

Parents and participants are required to sign the Code of Conduct in which behavioral standards are outlined. Participants who continue to display problem behavior will be asked to withdraw from C-CATS without a refund.

Health Care

All prescription drugs are kept under lock and key. A physician is on call twenty-four (24) hours each day. If a participant goes to the doctor, hospital, becomes ill or gets hurt, the parent or guardian will be notified as soon as possible. All participants are insured for accidents only if they occur at C-CATS. (not including pre-existing conditions or eye glasses)

All medications must be given to the health officer upon arrival. The health officer will be responsible for properly administering the medicine on a daily basis as directed by a physician or parent. All prescription drugs are kept under lock and key. (Exceptions may be made for inhalers or epi-pens)

All participants are screened upon arrival for good health prior to admission. We ask that no participant come to C-CATS ill or with any contagious condition. We reserve the right to send your child home if they become ill, develop any contagious condition (such as pink eye, or head lice) or if they are unable to participate in the major activities. If your child cannot remain at C-CATS due to health reasons you will NOT receive a refund of program fees.

C-CATS has limited medical insurance on every participant for accidents and illnesses that occur during the program. Pre-existing illness and eyeglass/contact replacement are not covered.


The ratio of participants to staff is 8 to 1. Students receive a high amount of small group interaction and personal attention from C-CATS staff and instructors. The counselors have been chosen for their dedication and their ability to work with young people. They undergo extensive pre-program training before assignment as instructors and counselors. Counselors supervise students 24 hours per day, and are assigned activity groups during the day and dorm groups during the evening and nighttime. Nighttime dorm groups may consist of up to two rooms per counselor.

What Not to Bring to C-CATS

Do not bring candy, gum, food, snacks, knives, fireworks, tablets, radios, or electronic games.



Feel free to call us at (864) 878-1103 or email us at